David Bishop

I have had an avid interest in photography ever since I was a teenager. My photographic journey started with my desire to capture quality images of my first passions, namely motorsport and aircraft. This prompted the purchase of a Nikon F2AS and FM followed by lens and motor-drives. And once armed with decent equipment my lens became aimed at many other subjects ranging from nature to travel. After this long journey the 35mm Nikons remain my tools of choice and I shoot most of my images on Fujichrome Velvia 100 slide film. I have dabbled with digital but it does just not do it for me. I find that being in total control of every aspect of the photograph, aperture/speed/focus, an enjoyable and rewarding challenge. I know that this can be accomplished with the digital medium but that finite moment of pressing the shutter release to capture that analog image to be a unique challenge and incredibly satisfying.